Priest Lake Marathon

Priest Lake Marathon
Saturday, Oct 1, 2022 at 7:00am
Hill'S Resort
4777 W Lakeshore Rd

Fall colors, fresh mountain air, and pleanty of space to run wild!

Let your WILDerness side RUN! A wilderness off-pavement running adventure through the Panhandle National Forest. The scenery of a trail race, but on driveable dirt forest road. All runners beginner to elite love this course for its scenic trail run-like experience, but on the non-technical running surface of compact dirt Forest Service Roads. Run along the lakeshore of pristine Priest Lake, through groves of lush forest, huge old-growth cedar trees, and big views of the rugged Selkirk Mountains. Make a great race weekend at Hill’s Resort, walk to the start/finish line, family and friends can spectate the start, middle, and finish right by their room. Get race weekend special discounts at Hill’s Resort.


50K Ultra Marathon, Marathon, and Marathon Walkers Start: 7:00 AM
Half-Marathon Run and Walk Start: 10:30 AM      

Course Information:


This course gives 26.2 runners some of the most scenic wilderness views anywhere! For the marathoner looking to ditch the pavement and get a trail run fix without taking off their beloved road running shoes, Priest Lake gives all the scenery of a trail race with lush cedar forests, lakeshore running, and big mountain views, but on compacted dirt forest road. Enjoy the scenery and focus on your run, not technical trail. Priest Lake has become a destination run for marathoners across the nation looking for an Idaho marathon to make their 50 state goal. An annual favorite for our Marathon Maniac friends!


Scenic and fun, the perfect 13.1 race for those looking to ditch the pavement but without the technical trail of a trail race. This course offers runners and walkers a trail race experience but on wide dirt forest service roads. (watch the video above to see what the course looks like). Take on a wilderness challenge, but with your regular road running shoes, great aid stations, and post race fun. Course has an elevation gain loss of about 800′, with most of the up-hill at the 3 mile marker which past participants have named “The Hill at Hill’s”, enough of a run up to let you know you took on the mountains, then rolling downhills back to the lake. Mountain top views, run along the shore of pristine Priest Lake, then hang out to celebrate your day. The Half-Marathon has become a popular course for veteran and beginning runners and walkers who want a scenic trail run experience, but without the huge elevation gains or technical running of a full on trail run. Race, run, or walk- it will be your next great race day.


This course offers runners looking to step up to the next distance level, trail run scenery and the challenge of the longer distance, but with a moderate elevation gain, 50k=2100′) compared to most full-on trail 50k runs, also with most of the gain in the first part of the race; the last 8 miles enjoys big downhills back to the lake. The 50k course is ideal for the athlete looking to take on the extra distance while focusing on their running and the beautiful scenery without technical trail. The 50k course follows most of the marathon course with an additional 4.8 mile out and back loop.


Award podium right after the race. Overall awards for M/F 1-3rd. Age group awards are 1-3rd. 10 year age divisions. 19 and under, 20-29,30-39,40-49,50-59, 60-69,70-79, 80+. We will announce podium for top 3 overall as soon as the podium is full. To get your age group award, go to the result booth at the finish line and check your place. If you are top three you can pick up your 1st-3rd award at the booth.

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