Hillacious Half

Hillacious Half

Saturday, Nov 17, 2018 at 10:00am


The H½ was created to honor our military, to thank them and let them know that their sacrifices are not unnoticed or taken for granted.
This course is extremely tough – to represent the efforts that our military make for us every day and often far away from their loved ones.
Thank you for your interest in this race. And thank a veteran for preserving our way of life.


We have added a relay! This will allow more runners to participate -- those who can handle 6 but not 13 hilly miles! Relay teams will have 2 runners. The timing and awards will be designated separately but we'll be celebrating at the post race party together at the end! The American Legion will be hosting not only in the downstairs but upstairs and outside as well. Plenty of room for all!


- Race starts at 10am
- Registration at 8am.

Race Fees:

$50.00 per runner; relay ($100 per team)
Please leave the dogs at home!