Endure Trail Runs

Endure Trail Runs
Saturday, May 18, 2024 at 8:00am
Mueller State Park
21045 Highway 67 South

The Endure 12-Hour is a one-of-a-kind 12-Hour timed event designed by YOU… and tiny colorful balls. Each runner will pull colored balls from a bucket, which determines the loop they’ll next run. This continues for up to 12-hours in time, and the runner’s result is the number of miles they ran within the allotted time. You are not required to run for all 12-hours, as your final result is the number of miles you ran within the time you participate! 

The Endure 24-Hour is a one-of-a-kind challenging 24-Hour timed event, designed by THE COLLECTIVE… and tiny colorful balls. This is where the 12-Hour event meshes with The Last Man Standing type of event held elsewhere within our sport. The task before you is to Endure the full 24-hours with us. Two balls will be pulled prior to each loop; The first determines the colored loop the entire field will run, the second determines the slowest possible pace that it must be completed in. The 24-Hour event requires participants to Endure all 24-hours or they will be a DNF

The Half Marathon & 10k are a great way to get out and enjoy the natural beauty of Mueller State Park in a supportive “no-pressure” environment. Both feature a generous 12-hour cutoff. 

All courses feature double-track and single-track trails with ZERO pavement, and an aid station you’ll want to hang around at for hours (we’re that much fun)!

Event Schedule:

12-Hour: 8:00 AM

24-Hour: 8:00 AM

Half Marathon: 9:00 AM

10k: 9:00 AM

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